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Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux
Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux (Actor/Storyteller/Playwright) a
graduate of the performing arts who has performed for
audiences for the past 30 years attempting to teach history via
theatrics.  Her portrayal of “The Resurrection of Harriet Tubman
in Escape to Freedom” has been recognized and accepted as
one of the regional programs for the National Park Service’s
Underground Railroad Network to Freedom Study for the
Intermountain Region in 2004.  This artist portrays a variety of
historical characters from the pages of history and provides
performances to colleges, schools, churches conferences and
festivals.  She is a recipient of the prestigious OTTO Award for
Political Theater in New York City at the Rene Castillo Allstars
Project for her work with incarcerated youth in Houston, Texas.
Her new show, “Meet Mrs. Rosa Parks” was a finalist in last year’
s Diversity showcasing at APCA.  Her performance was
requested immediately by universities/colleges, community
organizations, corporate and military entities.   Ms. Waddy-
Thibodeaux also teaches theater arts and acting classes and
workshops across the country for children and adults.  Reading
clinics are also encouraged in the communities in which she
brings her performances and workshops.  She is also a
Residence Artist with The Buffalo Soldiers National Museum and
The Children’s Prison Arts Project in Houston, TX.

Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux-Historical Re-enactor/Lecturer
This Actor/Storyteller/Playwright has performed for over 40
years in various venues throughout the U.S. such as  Coastal
Georgia, Alcorn State, Jackson State University, University of
Houston, Prairie View University, Fort Hood, TX, DuSable
Museum in Chicago, IL, Blacks In Wax Museum- Baltimore, MD,
Southern University, Temple University, Tinsley Temple, and
The Paul Roberson House-Philadelphia, PA, NAACP Annual
Conventions, Fort Riley, KS, The D.E.O.M.I. Military School, The
Bliss Cultural Center in Belize City, Belize, The African American
Museum of Philadelphia, UJIMA Black Theater-NYC, Harriet
Tubman Home-Cambridge, MD, The DWYER center in
Manhattan, NY, The Annual UGRR Symposium-Greenwich, NY,
Long Island, NY,  NAACP Chapters in Jefferson City, MO and
Portland, ME. She began Flying Geese Productions in 1997 to
teach history via theatrics, as well as to encourage literacy and
enlighten her audiences on most times, unknown historical
facts.  Take a trip back in time as M. Waddy Thibodeaux takes
you on a journey into the past to make sense of today’s issues.
Her thought-provoking lecture/re-enactment programs are
followed with a Q&A, and an interactive discussion with the


  1. Linda Brown · · Reply

    Thanks for stopping by Robert G. Cole Middle/Senior High School, it was more than a performance it was a learning experience!
    Mrs. Linda Brown

    1. Thank your Mrs Brown! I just wanted to let you know we are currently booking now through 2019 school year! I can be contacted via email at waddymel@yahoo.com or call me at 713-884-9655. Thank You!

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