Come visit and celebrate the life and times of Mrs. Rosa Parks on February 3 & 4, 2017 at the Buffalo Soldier National Museum, 3816 Caroline, Houston, TX 77004.  National and International Actress, M. Waddy-Thibodeaux portrays a variety of Historical Women to teach History.  She is one of the Resident Artists for the museum. Her well-known reenactment of “The Resurrection of Harriet Tubman” will be presented on all other weekends (Fridays & Saturdays) until the end of March, 2017 and is supported, in part, by the Texas Commission on the Arts.  Catch a glimpse of this phenomenal Texas Artist before she goes on a national and Canadian tour.


Welcome to Flying Geese Productions.  Our company specializes in
Educational Entertainment to adult and children of all ages, promoting literacy
throughout America via theatrical presentations and workshops.  Our goal is to
share the joys and benefits of reading while distributing books at no cost to
participants who vow to read daily.

Our premier presentation allows the audience to experience the Underground
Railroad, as Ms. Melissa Waddy-Thibodeaux plays a compelling role of Harriet
Tubman.  She makes a complete transformation from a 21st century business
woman to an icon in American History, captivating audiences on a national
platform.  Please visit our MEDIA CENTER to experience her transformation.

At Flying Geese Productions, we primarily target students in grades K – 12.
Making such an indelible impression upon the minds of tomorrow’s future
leaders gives us many hopes and aspirations for such a brighter future

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  1. Hey Everyone!! Just got word that this 4-character show will be opening in North Hollywood at the Secret Rose Theater on Magnolia on Friday, May 16 – 25, 2014- eight shows only!!! I have seen this professional touring actress in action and you won’t want to miss this show!!!! Four different characters on one stage…A MUST SEE!!!!

  2. Greetings Everyone!!

    Please see us at GoFundMe.com to contribute to the next generations!!! We are committed to help all to learn to READ!!! We are taking names of those who would like to volunteer for one hour to help someone to READ better. The next generation needs you so very much. Please contact us and let us know how to reach you for this important work anyone can do!!!

    Thank you in advance and please donate any amount!!!

  3. Jan Melancon · · Reply

    Just saw you at the African American library in Houston and loved every second of it with my children. Your website stated you are not taking bookings but will you share the expenses so I can take it back to my school. Thank you!!!

  4. David Whatley · · Reply

    Your performances are always great Melissa. Students and adults of all ages will truly benefit from your performance. I have attended at least 25 of your performances and each time I have learned something new.

  5. Xraka White & Addison · · Reply

    Thank you for your excellent performance of Harriet Tubman. My little girl was inspired by you. She told me that you were so good that she thought you were the real Harriet Tubman. You inspired her to read and to help others learn how to read. She got your messages! She says that she can’t wait for you to teach her how to act. Such a short time but a HUGE impression you made on my 7 year old. Thank you and God bless you. We will definitely be looking to have you work with her over the summer!

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